Thursday, 10 March 2011

Marketing for writing professionals

Here are some marketing tips for writers. Marketing is very important in every field. Marketing is not an easy process as its name indicates. It very difficult to get customers and customers needs in every field of marketing. There are plenty of books and authors. Thousands of books are published in a day. Are all these books sold? For writer if they published books and if the books are returned from the publisher/printer. For a writer the real work of marketing begins from their right? There are many things that the writer should give preference here I would like to share some.

• Title of the book: Title is the most difficult thing in writing. Choose a good title so that it should attract the readers. First of all it should be interesting. The title should give the reader a clue of your story so that the reader can understand the content of the book and so that it can catch the heart of the reader.
• Cover of the book: Covering should be always attractive. For kids and students usually they will notice the cover. So it should be interesting, clean and should be properly punched. So that it should be professional.
• Knowledge of the market: It an important thing. The authors want to know about the market where the book reach and the author’s name or status in that market. The author should create a market and should maintain communication so that you can give right message to the market.
• Thank your readers: Always give a separate page for thanking your readers in your book.
• Distribution: Select the best distributor for distributing your book. so that your book should be easily accessible to everyone.
• Advertising the book: There are many techniques to advertise your book. Some methods are listed below
a. Use internet
b. Use media
c. Use Print advertising technique(Posters, Newspapers, Magazines)