Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How to improve your writing skill?

Writing skill is very important in every day to day life. In every field as a student, business man, researcher and every where writing skill is very important. Writing skill is an essential quality some may have good writing skill but some may lack it. If you ever felt you will never gain writing skill its wrong. Believe nothing is impossible to man.Here I would like to remind you a proverb “Failure is the stepping stone to success ”. So practise every day to attain a good writing skill. Here are some helpful tips to improve your writing skill.

• Write: Write something everyday. If you are in worry of the topics to write don’t worry you can even write topics related to an incident you met, the friends party you attended anything you like. If you don’t get any interesting topic create your own topics.
• Read: You can depend on library for this. This may help you to know the styles of the various authors and it will be helpful while you are writing.
• Grammer: Grammer is very important learn glammer in the way that you are fluent in building your own english sentence. So that it does not contain any grammer mistakes.
• Criticism: The thing you wrote allow it to read by a critic . A critic should be the person who is experienced in critic. This will help you to rectify your errors . Take the experience as a learning one and don’t repeat the mistake again
• Subscribe for newsletters: By browsing you can find many website which contain many information regarding writing tips.Subscribe for their newsletters you will get lot of information through their articles.It can improve your writing skill.
• Courses: There are several online writing courses they can give you good guidance.